Dystopia = good place for powerful = bad place for powerless

In the beginning, I defined dystopia as “an insidious controlled environment, created by people in power, that seems quite normal but upon closer inspection the people are oppressed and treated inhumanely”. I still think this definition encompasses many of the traits I think dystopias have: controlled environments, power dynamics, and Continue reading

Is climate change, if it is caused by the actions of humans, a kind of oppression?

I was always very interested in climate change when it was brought up in school. I remember in one of my high school history classes, there was a discussion about the demographic transition model. The demographic transition model has four stages: pre-industrial, urbanizing/industrializing, mature industrial, and post-industrial which work to Continue reading

Personal Utopia

I had been contemplating certain ideas of governments we currently have in the world today: capitalism, communism, socialism, democracy, meritocracy, etc.. I found that I was more drawn to ideas that benefitted the greater good over personal benefits. I was drawn to ideas in meritocracies and communism. I would implement Continue reading