adj; a fictitious world or a situation that’s objectively bad for a majority of a population while benefiting a smaller portion. The majority of the population experiences consistent injustice and oppression that may come to an end after some time or change. Throughout the entirety of this class we have Continue reading

Panopticism and Society 

The idea of a panoptic institution is a building that is designed in such a way that the inhabitants are constantly being watched. This constant surveillance is done in such a way where the persons who are being watched are unaware, they are currently being watched. This concept is extremely Continue reading

Is Climate Change Oppressive

We have been examining the definition and the applications of oppression the entirety of the semester. Up to this point, it’s safe to say that my understanding of oppression is some form of unjust, unfair living and control enforced by some entity, over a prolonged period of time. Using this Continue reading