I am a sophomore psychology pre-med major. I am also from Houston Tx

What is a Dystopia?

I think a dystopia is best defined as a society distinguished by immoral, unethical, and unfavorable treatment of its people. Throughout this semester, I’ve attempted to improve and modify my concepts of a dystopian society in order to create the definition I find most applicable. I’ve used the book we Continue reading

Blog Post #11

I think religion is partly the answer to defeating dystopia. I am not sure if faith alone will always allow dystopian societies to be overthrown; however, I do think faith and God lead us to the resources needed to do so. For example, in the Brown girl in the Ring Continue reading

Podcast Production

In this podcast, Mr. Green discusses copyright laws. Under copyright law, the owner of the musical composition receives royalties for the reproduction and distribution of any recording of that composition. I believe that copyright laws are fair because they can protect artists’ work from being used for free. If someone Continue reading

Edward Snowden Critique

A segment within the discussions was China and its authoritarian government. Snowden disagrees that an authoritarian government did not help China flatten the curve. However, I believe that because an authoritarian government has more control, it might be easier for them to get support from citizens. In the United States, Continue reading

Ur-Fascism Today

Fascism can be challenging to identify because it can manifest in multiple forms and also because it is hidden well from the surface. In the text, Umberto Eco Provides criteria that create a fascist system. He states, “these features cannot be organized into a system…, but it is enough that Continue reading


Podcasts Pre-Production I am pretty comfortable working in a group. During high school, I was prompted to develop a 4-year capstone project. Freshman year, I was in a group of four, and we had to create a presentation about our projected career goals. This is my earliest recollection of group Continue reading

Limits of a Society

In his book Civilization and Its Disconnections, Sigmund Freud examines how unhappy humans can be. Freud acknowledges nature as a force that, historically, has overpowered human nature. It’s strange that humans are dissatisfied despite the fact that technological improvements have increased our influence over nature. In addition to nature’s vast Continue reading

They Still Exist

I believe that all the five faces of oppression exist today in the United States. Young works to specifically target the oppressions of blacks, Spanish-speaking Americans, jews, and other groups that have often been excluded or reduced by criteria made to explain oppression. For partly this reason alone I find Continue reading

Humans as Flawed Beings

A dystopia is a society marked by immoral, unethical, and unfavorable treatment of its citizens. To me, this includes oppression, loss of individualism, pain, and other characteristics that work against individualism and freedom. I believe that dystopias exist but are not sustainable since humans are flawed, and as a result, Continue reading