Dystopian Thinker

 I believe I am a dystopian thinker The reason why I believe that I am a dystopian thinker is because I always feel like I’m in survival mode. While growing up, I was always a fan of dystopian movies because I felt like I could relate to the pain they Continue reading


In today’s society, there have been many examples of how panopticism has been embedded in our world. One-way panopticism has been embedded in our society is how people exercise power over other people. For instance, this happens in the workplace. The manager has the choice to tell the employees what Continue reading

What is Dystopia?

What is Dystopia? Dystopia is a fictional community or society that portrays a future with horrible living conditions due to a highly controlled totalitarian system or a post-apocalyptic one.One of the aspects that usually starts dystopia is propaganda. Propaganda is used to control the citizens of society and also to Continue reading