What is a dystopia?

dystopia – the oppression and openly displayed discrimination against a species, race, gender, or any broad category that displays a group of people for the benefit of the government.  To begin my explanation on why I choose this definition to define a dystopia is by defining and recognizing that in any Continue reading

Best Government

I believe that the best form of government and the least dystopian government is a liberal democracy. I feel that a liberal democracy is the fairest form of government and recognizes all formal powers as well as recognizes the wants and needs of its people. Depending on the system that Continue reading

Freud’s Not Right

I believe in Sigmund Freud’s “Civilizations and Its Discontents”, he spoke on some agreeable perspectives regarding societies and civilizations to the average individual, but he also spoke on some disagreeable perspectives when it comes to connecting the individual to society. Freud starts off by expressing his confusion about the happiness Continue reading

Oppression In America

I believe that many people in America that are a part of the marginalized or minority groups first-handedly know that there is absolutely oppression in America. Even today there is still oppression within America, it has changed throughout the years beginning with the discovery of America. According to Iris Young, Continue reading

Defining Dystopia

To begin with, defining the concept of a dystopia, dystopia is wildly written and mostly used in movies and literature. To be completely honest, I’ve loved dystopian literature and movies for a very long time, but I never knew anything about dystopias. I’ve heard about utopia and I personally wouldn’t Continue reading