A New Dystopia

At the beginning of the semester, my definition of dystopia was as follows: dystopia is a world or society where people lead the lives of many while being under the control of a few. Now, my definition of dystopia is a society where its people are controlled and oppressed by Continue reading

Hoping for Utopia

It is hard to tell if I am a utopian, dystopian, or anti- anti- utopian thinker. According to Robinson, utopians believe that “the political order could be run better”, dystopians believe “that the political order could get worse”, and anti-anti- utopians believe that the idea of anti- utopias, “the idea Continue reading

Releasing Privacy

Jeremy Bentham designed the Panopticon prison where there was a single layer of cells on the inside border of the building that faced inward. The “wall” facing inwards was barred so it was see-through so that the inmates could be watched by the guard in the watch tower in the Continue reading

Mitigating Dystopia

Depending on the definition of dystopia, the type of government that is the least dystopian would be different. To mitigate that, the Cambridge dictionary definition that says “relating to a very bad or unfair society in which there is a lot of suffering” will be used. In this way, I Continue reading

American Oppression

All of the five faces of oppression exist within the United States. Exploitation exists within America due to the capitalistic society. Workers at the bottom of the work force are not being properly compensated for the work that they do, while those at the top receive exorbitant pay checks. Inflation Continue reading