Dystopias Defined

My previous definition of a dystopia was a world through which some oppressive force or group holds some means of control over the people and the people’s blatant acceptance of such. Although oppression is a major element in most dystopias, since the course of this class, I have realized that Continue reading

Utopia as a Driving Power

In tough times, many people tend to become very pessimistic about their situations, especially when it seems like there is no end to the pain and suffering. This pessimistic thought does not help their situation, causing many to give up and resign to what they believe to be their bad Continue reading

Faith, Trust, and…

I do not believe that it is religion that allows one to defeat a dystopia, but rather the strong belief in religion that makes us grounded enough to overcome such an adversity. Through placing our trust and utmost belief in some concept, our own confidence will grow, and it reinforces Continue reading


The Purge is a dystopian-like film set in an alternate United States that explores the discrepancies between social class and the conflict of morality versus lawfulness (or, in this case, unlawfulness). In the movie, we watch the Sandins family, who live in an affluent community, navigate through the annual Purge, Continue reading

Degrees of Freedom

My understanding of the term dystopia concerns a society where its people are oppressed or controlled in some form. For this reason, I do believe the American higher education system is a dystopia. Through attending college, students are able to study within their field of interest while ultimately obtaining some Continue reading

The U in Group

Although I am more comfortable with independent assignments, I also find that working in groups can be pleasant when every member takes it seriously. It is a bit difficult to always get comfortable working in a group because I am a very introverted person, and reaching out for help or Continue reading