Common Characteristics

A dystopia is defined as a society in which there are great injustices where certain groups or all members suffer oppression. Often we see in fiction the extreme versions of dystopia like in Divergence, Mad Max, 1984, What Happened to Monday, etc… but what we can observe from the core Continue reading

Watching Us Drown

Climate change caused by the actions of humans is a kind of oppression because as environmental conditions shift and resources dwindle it makes unprotected citizens more susceptible to inordinate challenges. For example, if water sources decrease and the price of water becomes expensive then low to middle-class people would potentially Continue reading

For the People

The least dystopian form of government is a democracy because it allows people to have representatives that align with their values and there are checks and balances. In an ideal democracy, any issues that a society has can be addressed through a group of qualified officials who listen to the Continue reading

In The Shadows

DystopIa: a society where social interactions are based on the concept of fear,power, oppression, and overarching darkness.   In the United States middle school students are introduced into the world of Dystopias. We mostly read fictional pieces that demonstrate a dark setting and main characters that work to free their people Continue reading