Redefining Dystopia (Again)

When previously asked on the topic, I defined dystopia as “a societal setup in which a group of individuals endures insufferable dehumanization and oppression at the hands of another group/individual’s flourishing”. I based this on the observation that in dystopian media and reality (in which dystopias are based) not everyone Continue reading

Climate Change is Oppressive?

Human-caused climate change can be seen as a form of oppression, especially in light of the disproportionate effects it has on poor and rich populations. Wealthy Individuals, corporations, and countries generally have more overwhelming amounts of a carbon footprint than poor communities, whose carbon footprint is minuscule comparatively. The burning Continue reading

The United States and its Five Faces

Iris Young’s The Five Faces of Oppression provides a rubric to identify oppressive situations, rather than a fixed definition. The five faces are exploitation, marginalization, powerlessness, cultural imperialism, and violence. Considering that Young was inspired by oppression in all of its forms in this country specifically, it is no stretch Continue reading

Redefining Dystopia

When the word dystopia is plugged into Google, the result is its definition: “an imagined state or society in which there is great suffering or injustice, typically one that is totalitarian or post-apocalyptic.” On the other hand, Merriam-Webster describes a dystopia as “an imagined world or society in which people Continue reading