Higher Education in America is FOR SURE dystopian!

Higher education in America are forms of schooling such as Undergrad, Graduate School, Law School, or Medical School. Each of these higher education schools gets a large amount of money just for funding, in 2018, institutions received 1.068 trillion from non-federal and federal funding sources which are 2.5% of the Continue reading

Five Faces of Oppression: Today in the USA

In the United States today, personally I believe that all five of the faces of oppression are considered relevant. Violence, in particular, is very relevant today in this society especially in dealing with minorities. For example, African American people are in constant fear of being racially profiled or killed just Continue reading

What really is a dystopia?

A dystopia is a fictional society in which individuals live dreadful and sad lives filled with injustice and fear.  Within a dystopian society, the environment is usually painted with a dark and gloomy setting. It usually involves people going through hardship and constant depression. My favorite example of a dystopia Continue reading