Dystopia Revised

Based on this course, I’ve learned that when describing what dystopia takes a deeper look. It’s not just about fear or a post-apocalyptic environment. You have to take a look at the root of the results, who’s the reason they’re in whatever predicament is present. My revised definition of a Continue reading

Climatic Oppression

I believe that when climate change is specifically affecting one area or a specific group of people, then this claim could be made. In some areas, no matter how damaged the land is becoming or the lack of resources available for the people, companies continue to drain and use that Continue reading

Is My Privacy Truly Private?

There’s a fine line between having privacy and technology. Companies have been known to sell their customers personal information to third party sources. The information being sold is done with unknown consent of their customers. They provide long user agreements that most people probably do not read. Although, companies create Continue reading

The 5 Faces of America

I believe multiple of the five faces to describe oppression exists in the world today. For example, the financial divide between the lower class and upper class. Lower-class workers are exploited and used for minimum-wage labor, while the upper class generates funds in large amounts. This can be seen as Continue reading

Dystopia or Destruction

In my words, a dystopia is a society that is facing great suffering and limited freedom. Whether, it is social and economic divides, poverty, environmental destruction, anarchy, or a dictated society. There is widespread fear and distress. I’ve watched a multitude of dystopian movies such as Hunger Games, Divergent, Star Continue reading