So, What is a Dystopia?

A dystopia is a society where much of the population is oppressed and unjustly treated, while also forced to conform.  I would justify my new definition by referring to Young’s Five Faces of Oppression. These five faces showed me why “most” of a population is oppressed and the faces are Continue reading

Post Production Blog

Working in a group is comfortable for me because I enjoy being able to split the work up so that it’s easier for the team members to focus on their portion of the assignment entirely this way when everything comes together it would be organized well and the content will Continue reading

Is It Dystopian?

I think that the least dystopian government is definitely a democratic government, which is currently the type of government the United States has. Since this type of government is in place, the citizens are allowed to make their own decisions and are given small authority. Citizens are equally given the Continue reading