Dystopia ReImagined

A dystopia is described as a fictitious or hypothetical society with oppressive social, political, or environmental conditions, frequently the consequence of a confluence of several oppressions and power disparities. The idea of an oppressive society and the experiences of various types of tyranny are closely related to the idea of Continue reading

Under Water Oppression

The effects of climate change on humans and the environment are extensive and complicated. Although a variety of variables, including natural processes, contribute to climate change, the vast majority of scientists agree that human actions, notably the combustion of fossil fuels, are the main cause. A more thorough comprehension of Continue reading

Its a Jungle Out There

The Hobbesian jungle, described in Hobbes’s Leviathan, refers to a state of nature described by Thomas Hobbes as a perpetual state of continuous conflict and chaos. There is competition for resources, and it is because of the lack of authority or a governing body. Hobbes believed that government would stabilize Continue reading

The Fall of a Utopia

A dystopia is a nonexistent place or society where people’s ideas or freedoms are restricted for the purpose of maintaining extreme order, usually in a post-traumatic event time period that eventually falls apart. This definition was based on a very limited understanding of dystopian societies based on the early 2010s Continue reading