Defining Dystopia

Dystopia is an ungood society or culture that limits things like freedom of expression, individuality, religious freedoms, speech, free thought, and even sex. Dystopia has always been thought of to be societies that are apocalyptical in nature like in Mad Max: Fury Road. Throughout this class I learned that dystopia Continue reading

Freud and Reality

In Civilization and Discontents, Freud argues that too much realization pain and suffering could cause an individual to reject reality and the world. This statement spoke to me because it shows that “ignorance is a bliss” might be a good way to go about life. Obviously I believe that we Continue reading


Dystopia is a society or culture where freedoms, individuality, creativity, privacy, and religion are restricted or heavy limited often leading to dullness and /or misery. Dystopias have been a concept that has been talked about throughout human history. I would argue that even today dystopias exist. North Korea is a Continue reading

Least Dystopian Government?

I feel as if an ideal democracy is the least dystopian form of government. In an ideal democracy, everyone regardless of race, religion, gender identity, and sexual identity can have an equal shot at good life. How democracy works is a government run directly and with representatives that the people Continue reading

Is Utopia the Answer?

There has always been the notion and belief that positive thinking and being hopeful is pivitol to happy life. Most religions teach belief of something better it is a very common way of thinking. The saying “hope for the best, and prepare for the worst” is an important phrase to Continue reading

Is Religion a Necessary Component?

I believe that religion is not a necessary component when fighting oppressions. Religion is not needed in order to justify fighting oppressions. The jist of oppressions is that it can oppress people from any ethnicity, race, sexual, and gender identity. When fighting against oppression, protecting our fellow peoples livelihood is Continue reading