Final Stretch

 I believe that a dystopian society is a place where the worst ways of living is actualized be it poverty, oppression, violence, pollution, and other forms human misery. The very term dystopia means “bad” in this class we used our critical thinking skills to realize that in a dystopian society Continue reading


Snowden states “the most powerful institutions in society have become the least accountable to society.” Snowden is known as a whistleblower revealed that the global survelliance programs were intervening on the privacy of everyday people. Snowden leaked documents that leaked documents in regards to surveilliance programs which discussed people’s cell Continue reading


The least dystopian government would be a democratic government because of the ability to have two layers of elected public officials. This means that the society is operating under a rule of law that all citizen must follow. It shows that all citizens are equal to fair citizenship, work, pay, Continue reading

Right Wing Form of Government

I believe that Ur-Fascism is very much so exist in the world today. I believe ur-fascism comes from individual or social frustration. This is significant because historically fascism has appealed to fluster middle class people. The middle class basically suffered from an economic crisis, political humiliation, and frightened to seek Continue reading

The Complex Human Society

#dysphoria When trying to respond to Freud’s premise that any form of government is, ultimately, repressive of human nature, I began to identify how Freud’s belief of civilization. I believe that civilization would always come across difficulty when the human instinct is selfish. Many human beings are discontent with what Continue reading

Fool’s Paradise

From my experience with books, films, and reality, I believe that dystopia is set in the future for a community that is undesirable but tells stories of resilience and courage in totalitarian government as people fight for some type of survival. To justify this definition, I began to think of Continue reading