Blog #13

I would align myself to be a utopian thinker. I strongly believe that political order could be run better. Unlike anti-anti utopians who may believe this, but don’t take any action or think of a way to fix it. In America, our biggest political and social issues coexist with one Continue reading

Is climate change oppression?

Is climate change oppression? For us to be able to understand and give a thorough answer, we first must answer a few questions. What is climate change? “long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns?” With the occurrence of climate change, the long-lasting effects will be detrimental to humankind and the Continue reading

Our faces of oppression

I believe all the faces of oppression Young discusses exist here in America. The one I will choose to focus on is “Cultural Imperialism”. Young’s explanation for cultural imperialism is “taking the culture of the ruling class and establishing it as the norm.” In our society, white people are the Continue reading