Dystopia, accumulated

Dystopia /disˈtōpēən/ adjective  A destructive society that is created from the perfect society envisioned by a leader or organization.  Throughout the semester, the definition of dystopia has become more specific and detailed. The main reasons these dystopias or destructive societies are created and how it mentally, emotionally, and physically affects Continue reading

The Purge, broken down

The movie “The Purge” is a film based on an annual event, where people are legally allowed to express their innate aggression for twelve hours. The plot follows a wealthy and seemingly protected family, whose wealth is based on the sale of the father’s security system business. This security system Continue reading

The Ideals of Fascism Grows

in the tiniest details. In the excerpt, Fascism is depicted as a “fuzzy totalitarianism”, a combination of various ideas and contradictions. Eco states the prevalence of Fascism around us, sometimes in plain sight, but is commonly overlooked. The ability for the ideas of Fascism to exist in many spaces with Continue reading

The Pandemic was an Oppressive State

Young describes the types of the injustice of a group or society through the “Five Faces of Oppression” – exploitation, marginalization, powerlessness, cultural imperialism, and violence. These five faces of oppression can be seen in America through the whole pandemic and how people were treated.  Exploitation can be seen during Continue reading