Halfway There! (Midterm Check-In)

In the past few classes, we have started to discuss our annotated readings in class. I appreciate this approach because it helps me synthesize different sources of information and apply them to different articles I’ve read, movies I’ve watched or real-life events I’ve seen on the news. I also think Continue reading

Saving Face for Science Fiction

“Black to the Future” is an article that tackles Afrofuturism which is a term that focuses on African American themes and concerns and highlights them in terms of modern technoculture. The article goes on to try and figure out why there are so few African American science fiction writers even Continue reading

The Problem With The Purge

The Purge is set in a world where crime rates are lower than 1%. On the surface, it seems like everyone is happy and employed, but there’s a caveat to this “idealistic” dystopian America. One night a year all crime is legal, including murder, for 12 hours and they call Continue reading

Understanding Ur-Fascism

Umberto Eco describes his early years and what he remembers to be the Fascist regime. The passage explains that during their formative years, the young Italians are taught to do anything for their country. Dying for their country was the best (and most highly recommended answer). As the passage progresses Continue reading

Production Note Nerves

I feel that my ability to critically analyze fictional films and texts through writing is pretty well developed. However, sometimes when I have to speak in a large setting I second guess my thoughts or opinions and mince my words, therefore muddling my overall point and its effectiveness. I prefer Continue reading