How Far Is Too Far: Protective Measures or Privacy Invasion?

A dystopian world, as described by our class, can arguably contain any mixture of criteria, but there are several key features that many (if not all) staples of the genre possess in one form or another. As a consensus, we concluded that generally, a dystopia can be identified by an Continue reading

American Education: Dystopia in the Making

            The purpose of this course is to reveal the similarities between fictional dystopian worlds and our own constantly evolving society. It is always frightening to discover that the foundations of a dystopian society already find their homes in the basis of our societal structures without much notice from the public. Continue reading

Heil, Big Brother: A Real-Life Dystopia

With the recent rise in popularity of dystopian works since the debut of George Orwell’s 1984 which paved the way for modern works such as Suzanne Collins’s Hunger Games trilogy and Veronica Roth’s Divergent series (to name a few), it is no surprise that many people associate dystopian worlds with fiction. However, these same dystopian ideas Continue reading

Thoughts on Personal Learning

Being able to keep track of your improvement when learning is vital when one wants to achieve mastery of a skill. In any course where the goal is particularly focused on the connections between the real world and the imagined world, it is necessary to be able to analyze information Continue reading

Redefining Dystopia

In class we attempted to gather the defining characteristics of a dystopia into one single definition. The definition that we settled on at the end of our discussion was “an imaginary or real place whose people may lead a restricted and oppressive existence under some form of authority.” I found Continue reading