Religion in my opinion would be a great addition to dystopian societes. It isnt the answer for everyone but being a Christian My God is the answer to everything, even in the bad situations when a solution seems impossible. I beleive there are so many religions to go by, its Continue reading

type of goverment

In my opinion the goverment that is the least dystopian is democracy. I say democracy because it is controlled by the goverment, giving people limited freedom. In a perfecr world I imagine people wanting to do things on their own terms. The goverment also contains laws and rules that we Continue reading

Facism Today

I do believe that facism exists in the world we live in today, especially with the goverment, leaders and politics.In other aspects I dont think facism exists. For example, when Trump was in office, facism was at an alltime high. The way he moddeled a a modern day Hitler, his Continue reading


America has many oppressive behaivors/practices. Those being violence, exploitation and powerlessness.These are the top three opressive behaivors for many reason. EXploitation is primarially seen on social media platorms. The topic being exploited vary from the goverment, celebrities, bussinesses and so forth.In’s todays society it is usually the influencesrs that are Continue reading


My definition of Dystopia is an imagined place where nothing good comes from it, with no positivity or rightful existence. I chose these words for my definition because I learned that Dystopia means terrible place after watching the ed puzzle video. I then infer that in the wrong place, there Continue reading