What is a Dystopia

A dystopia is a society that uses systems of fear to control and or exploit its citizens. In this class, we explored different ideas of dystopias and utopias as read in the five faces of oppression, and a dystopia can encompass one or all five categories. Those categories are exploitation, Continue reading

I personally feel that to be able to get better you must possess utopian thinking, but be aware of possibilities of dystopian outcomes. I say this because it is good to think positive but you have to be prepared for any negative outcomes so that you are able to face Continue reading

Looking at current and past models of government structures, I believe that the least dystopian type would be a type of democracy with a plethora of checks and balances. I say this because most countries like Germany, Russia, and Nigeria have had a turbulent history of power struggles. Germany was Continue reading

When I work in group settings, I usually prefer to have everyone list out their ideas so we can all collaborate and compromise if needed to run as efficiently as possible. I value communication over everything, but sometimes I prefer to work alone to make sure I am as productive Continue reading