Freud oh Freud

Sigmund Freud is one of the most controversial names in history, stretching across many academic disciplines. In his work Civilization and Its Discontent, he says that civilization is a problem and that it makes us unhappy. And to have a smoothly running civilization, a system of government or some ruling Continue reading

Wear your oppression with pride

The question shouldn’t be if any faces of oppression exist in America, it should be, how many could I count on my hands…and maybe toes. The faces of oppression we see in America today resemble those that Young says they appear as, which includes exploitation, marginalization powerlessness, cultural imperialism, and Continue reading


Dystopia- a falsified reality created an elite class used to control an institution by imposing an authoritarian ideology A dystopia is often seen, even at surface level, to be and represent everything bad; however, that isn’t the case.To define something as being dystopian we must first look at the principles Continue reading