The Finale

The formal definition of a dystopia is: “an imagined world or society in which people lead wretched, dehumanized, fearful lives,” which describes the common aspects of a dystopian society but still doesn’t define it completely. To me, a dystopia is a real place which has conditions where everything is horrible Continue reading

From Darkness, Comes Light

I don’t think utopian thinking is the answer to prevent or combat the construction of a dystopia. Like the article said, utopias are social hopes while dystopias are social fears, so how can one overtake a fear by being hopeful? It’s a bit pessimistic in thought, but if we’re being Continue reading

Ur-Fascism in everyday U.S.

Based off Eco’s Ur-Fascism requirement of displaying intense nationalism through xenophobia or other instances of Americans coming together to push out a common “enemy,” then yes, it most definitely exists in the world today. Eco explains this part of Ur-Fascism criteria as people clinging to one social identity, a nationalist, Continue reading