Dystopia Definition

A place in which the human condition is purposefully controlled via sociopolitical systems. This definition has two sources in mind. Firstly, Iris Young’s “Five Faces of Oppression”. Exploitation, marginalization, powerlessness, cultural domination, and violence are all forms of control that dystopian governments use when dealing with citizens. They are deliberate, Continue reading


Group work is awful. I don’t enjoy having to rely on others to get things done. I can just do it myself and keep it pushing. Furthermore, I don’t enjoy having to constantly communicate with others when trying to produce something, whether it be for school or outside of school. Continue reading

Religion is Part of the Answer

Religion is a big part of revolutions. More specifically, it seems that there is a certain level of faith necessary to exist in resistance movements. Resistance movements like abolitionism in the ante-bellum period, the Civil Rights Movement, and liberation theology (which arrived in many South American countries during authoritarian government Continue reading

Our Podcast

I’m proud to say that we have been aware of intellectual property laws as we have moved forward. During the planning phase of the podcast, we have begun to gather our thoughts in the most original way possible. Our analogue is well-thought out, we have each participated in responding to Continue reading

Mad Max Critique

Mad Max: Fury Road is a high octane action flick that carries with it interesting themes and characterization. Throughout the film, the audience is exposed to different aspects of the desert wasteland, and how it has created a culture of violence, oppression, excessive coercion, slavery, and hatred. These are – Continue reading