Is Utopia the Answer?

The writer Kim Stanley Robinson says, “It’s crucial to keep imagining that things could get better, and furthermore to imagine how they might get better.” Do you agree? Is utopian thinking the key to overcoming dystopia? Consider the definitions carefully. I agree with Stanley. I think it is so important to keep Continue reading

Ur-Fascism Today

In today’s society, we don’t really hear the term “fascism” or “fascist” as often. I only heard it when referring to past events in history. Occasionally I would hear someone call another a fascist sort of as an insult but I never truly knew what it meant. After reading Umberto Continue reading

Oppression in America

I think Young’s Five Faces of Oppression are prevalent in America today. There are countless examples of people being oppressed, marginalized, and exploited in America. One example that comes to mind are the migrant workers from Mexico that come to America in search for work to better their lives and Continue reading