One way in which panopticism has been embedded in our society is through the caution we take when we use the internet and social media. Although no one is actively watching our every move and monitoring every post, some people still treat social media and their search bar as if Continue reading

Forms of government

Out of an aristocracy, timocracy, oligarchy, democracy, and tyranny, democracy seems as if it would be the least dystopian. Tyranny is automatically the most dystopian, because corruption is inevitable with a lack of restraint. I’d envision a tyranny as having an evil ruler that rules in his best interest and Continue reading

Faces of today’s oppression

After reading, “Five Faces of Oppression”, I concluded that marginalized, powerlessness, and violence all exist in the United States today. On page 51 Iris Young writes, “Even if marginals were provided a comfortable material life within institutions that respected their freedom and dignity, injustices of marginality would remain in the Continue reading