Snowden’s Thoughts: Facts or Fiction?

Edward Snowden claims that people in the United States ultimately have no privacy. Practically everyone in America has a cellular device and it is synonymous to a personal tracking device for anyone who is interested in tracking a person. Snowden explained that major companies such as Apple, Facebook and Google Continue reading

Dystopia University

I think the American higher education system is a dystopia. As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, dystopias are simply organized chaos and what better example is there than college. Students are faced with debt, substandard living conditions, all while having to face their own personal problems and still Continue reading

UR-FASCISM IN THE US: Fact or Fiction?

Ur-Fascism is a political movement can be described as a coagulate of several different components which contradict each other. A few of the components of this movement which I found most interesting are traditionalism (rejecting modernism), irrationalism, lack of social identity, and the general idea that everyone who follows the Continue reading