A Dystopia Revised

Dystopia is a fictional or speculative society that embodies oppressive power structures, systemic oppression across multiple dimensions, and a harsh, inhospitable environment, resulting in the deprivation of agency, freedom, and well-being for its inhabitants. Dystopia can be defined as a society characterized by oppressive power structures, systemic oppression, and a Continue reading

Now you see me? Now you don’t.

Michel Foucault’s concept of panopticism describes a form of social control in which individuals are constantly monitored and self-regulate their behavior to conform to societal norms. One way in which panopticism has been embedded in our society is through the proliferation of surveillance technologies. Cameras are now ubiquitous in public Continue reading

Are Humans Opressive?

Climate change in itself, is not oppressive; but humans are. Just as humans have little to no regard for the internet as we continually destroy the plant and over use all its resources, we also have little to no concern with other human beings and their well being. The climate Continue reading

How to Create a Utopia

In my opinion, the best way to determine which form of government would be the last dystopia is ensuring the elements of dystopia like oppression and abuses of power are most unlikely to happen. After reviewing the forms of government I believe that a Social government would be the least Continue reading