Dystopia definition

A dystopia is an imaginary society where its citizens are being oppressed by the government because they think they are doing what’s best for them to survive. In the book 1984, Big Brother has rules set for the society that everyone must follow even though they are very absurd and Continue reading

purge review

Overall, I loved the purge. The plot was amazing and the storyline was very unique. It is set in a dystopian time where I hope America never sees. The Purge is about a fake America where once a year for 12 hours all crime, including murder, is temporarily legal and Continue reading

podcast update

My podcast team is working very well together. Our communication has been very good and everyone in the group has been participating. Our first meeting to create the outline went well. We all contributed and everyone had great ideas. We talk every week about our availability and everyone has been Continue reading


I do agree with the statement It’s crucial to keep imagining that things could get better, and furthermore to imagine how they might get better. I think that imagining that things could get better is the best way to go about life because why imagine the worse. The way certain Continue reading