Define of Dystopia

At the beginning of the semester, I defined a dystopia as the following, ” a world or society that, depending on whose perspective we see it from, is actively suppressing its people politically, economically, and environmentally.” I feel like this definition definitely lacked substance and didn’t encapsulate a dystopia well. Continue reading


In Robinson’s essay, “Dystopia Now”, he touches on four types of thinkers that one can be: Utopian thinkers, Dystopian thinkers, Anti-Utopian thinkers, and Anti-Anti-Utopian thinkers. I think would place myself as either Anti-anti-Utopian or Dystopian. I like to situate myself as someone who believes that everyone should focus on the Continue reading

Climate Change IS Oppression

Climate change is one of the biggest issues facing us today, and it is a problem that has largely been caused by human activity throughout the centuries. This is because man-made greenhouse gas emissions are causing the planet to warm at an unprecedented rate, leading to rising sea levels, more Continue reading

Forms of Democracy and Dystopia

After looking through the list of governments, I believe that the least dystopian, although all have the capacity to become one, is democracy. Democracies lack centralized power, which significantly decreases the chances of a totalitarian uprising. For democracies, there are two main denominations: direct and representative. Direct democracies allow voters Continue reading