I agree according to Dystopias Now, “Dystopias are the flip side of utopias.”    On Google, when searching up the definitions and images of dystopia and utopia they are described and appear to be the complete opposite. Dystopia highlights a place of extremely unpleasant living and working conditions. By contrast, a Continue reading

How many faces of oppression exist in today’s world?

The five faces of oppression are violence, exploitation, marginalization, powerlessness, and cultural imperialism. A few examples of faces of oppression that exist in the United States society today are racism, sexism, and religious persecution. Racism is treating people differently based on their skin color or ethnicity. Sexism is treating people Continue reading


Even though I wasn’t aware of all the copyright and intellectual property rules I believe that my team is adhering to the copyright rules and ideals of fair use. After completing all of the Intellectual Property activities, I’ve learned about the copyright protection that applies to my podcast project and Continue reading


Researchers, biologists, even intelligence agencies knew and had been planning for pandemics to come but Snowden made a comment about when the Covid-19 virus came we needed the system and they have now failed us comprehensively. We are known to be the richest country in the world, but since the Continue reading

Dystopian Nature of American Higher Education

Higher education refers to anything beyond the high school level. It takes place at universities and further education colleges and normally includes undergraduate and postgraduate studies. When people think about a dystopia they automatically think of an unpleasant or bad state or society in which there is suffering or injustice, Continue reading