Dystopian Reality

I define a dystopia as an environment surrounded by pain and the illusion of pleasure, restricted by fear and oppression. Dystopias are known for being fearful, stressful, and non-peaceful. With that, the illusion of pleasure is one of the biggest characteristics because of the never-ending cycle of pain and struggle Continue reading

Group Projects

In my experience working in a group, I have encountered both the good and bad. While I didn’t have a group for the podcast project, I have worked in several groups in my academic and occupational career. With that, I can say my ability is profound, but my comfort level Continue reading

Dystopia Definition Blog

According to Merriam-Webster.com, the definition of DYSTOPIA is “an imagined world or society in which people lead wretched, dehumanized, fearful lives”. Based on your experiences with books, films, and reality, write a 1-sentence definition of DYSTOPIA. Then offer a 1- or 2-paragraph justification for that definition. My definition, Dystopia: a Continue reading