The World of Perfect Chaos

A dystopia is a flawed society where the citizens suffer due to their basic human rights being stripped and controlled by unfair rules, regulations, and life challenges. I do not believe that this concept of society is imaginary like the literal definition implies because I believe everyone around the world has encountered an aspect of what a dystopian society may consist of.

Most of these “fictitious” books that we’ve read and movies we’ve watched display societies set in post-apocalyptic towns controlled by next level technology and people with vile minds to create this “perfect” world. In today’s time, people everywhere are fighting for their basic human rights due to them being stripped away by a person or persons trying to create a perfect world by any means necessary. However, this perfect world doesn’t exist because the amount of power one holds to control, outweighs the entire group. The exposure of these injustices come from the overuse of technology where everyone is being watched, everything is being shared, and opinions on whether something is right or wrong are everywhere.

We know that we don’t have to go through the same extreme measures and challenges as most of these characters to stay alive, like the Hunger Games, but we definitely encounter many flawed rules and regulations that sometimes are life or death. For example, in the movie “What Happened to Monday?,” septuplet sisters are fighting for their lives as they are being watched and tracked by the government while their society is under a strict one child policy. Unfortunately, the same thing happened in China. The country implemented a population planning initiative between 1980 and 2015 that forced families to follow a one child policy. This left families suffering and traumatized as they had to watch their children be murdered without consent. 

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