Intellectual Property of The Lottery

I feel that since social media is the way we currently get our news, entertainment, and opinions across, it is easy for a creator’s content to be stolen. They are stripped of their creativity and never given their credit when it is due. It’s sad when I look in the comments on apps like Tik Tok and creator’s are begging for their content credit so people know they are the original. I guess that’s what happens when we live in a trendy world. I have noticed apps are starting to crack down on copyrighting and banning content that doesn’t follow the guidelines. The only problem I have is that it only protects big name celebrities. For instance, when you post a youtube video or post a dance on Tik Tok, you have to insert that you do not own the copy rights to a song or your video will be taken down.

Well, for my podcasts group, we have tried to be very careful about what we inserted or quoted from our story. We decided to insert the bells used at the beginning of the lottery, if any has seen the movie, but we had to make sure that we weren’t crossing the guidelines. We had to be very aware of what we said so that we aren’t flagged later down the line.

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