Episode 1: Confessions

I honestly have a love/hate relationship when it comes to working in groups. I am able to do my best self reflections during and after group projects because I am able to dissect and analyze where I put in my best effort and where I could have stepped up a little more. I tend to find myself being the perfectionists and group projects have helped me understand that every detail doesn’t always matter and it’s okay for my ideas to be altered to make the project as comfortable as possible for my group members. While on the subject of group members, the one thing I love about them is that it gives me the opportunity to work outside of people I consider friends and open my mind to new opinions and perspectives. I love meeting new people because I can always learn from the next person.

Using technology has not always been my strong suit. It’s very funny when I tell people I struggle when I upgrade my iPhone because as a young person, you would think I know what I’m doing. Now, using technology to communicate to larger audiences, is a totally different level for me. I have the typical social media apps like Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok where I see people use their platform to creatively express their ideas and opinions, however, I can become very shy when communicating through social media. I can also be very self critical and always doubt if I can effectively communicate my ideas using technology. This podcast project will hopefully take me out my comfort zone and allow me to learn how to effectively communicate using technology.

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