The Purge

In the world of the movie The Purge, the citizens had 12 hours to murder anyone without receiving any consequences. A few hours before the purge begins there was a wealthy man who runs a security system business preparing to go home to his family and lock them within the house in this room with weapons. In this room they could also had cameras, so they were aware of what was going on outside of their house. However, everything fell apart when the son allowed an outsider within their home. From that point on, the family tried to do everything they could to survive. This movie emphasizes on a world of fearful, suffering, and survival people, which is a clear dystopian element.

During the scene where the family were fighting against the people trying to attack them, violence was the main oppression expressed. The people that died within the movie either were not as prepared with weapons or did not hide well enough to not be found by an outsider. This type of oppression created anxious and frightful emotions. Even once the purge was over after the 12 hours, the family of the wealthy white man felt powerlessness because their father/husband was murdered by trying to protect them.

Overall, this film highlights a dystopian way of life because the government allowed such a horrific event to take place. This movie showed how the higher class were not even safe because once the power was cut off the security system did not even work anymore. The government allowed every citizen to feel bad by allowing violence, powerlessness, anxiousness, fearfulness and aftermath depression to overcome their emotions.

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