Oppression exist in America today!

I believe the five categories of oppression still exist within our society today. Exploitation emphasizes the theory of superior versus inferior. For example, the CEO of amazon clearly takes advantage of his employees by paying them minimum wage as he continues to get rich off of their labor. This can be viewed as modern day slavery. Furthermore, marginalization continues to demonstrate a difference between privilege and poor when discussing the idea of racial oppression. Racial injustice and segregation happens when it comes to finances, on standardized tests, and when minors get declined from having the opportunity to attend a college or get a job. 

Exploitation and marginalization allows the oppression of powerlessness to occur. Powerlessness states how the wealthiest people stay in power. For example, the criminal system also prevents the poor from gaining control of their lives which results in powerlessness. Cultural imperialism relates to all the categories of oppression by social division, structural and institutional restrictions. Many examples of cultural oppression occur by  many companies having control over federal laws and regulations. The final oppression violence seems like it will always exist. Many examples include police brutality, war, community violence and more. Overall, the following oppressions all still exist in America today.

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