Our government is a form of a democracy. This is why I believe that our government is the least dystopian. Within the United States of America, our democracy allows individuals to have rights, however the superior stay in power. Our economy reminds me of how the people with the most money have more power than the people who are poor. This shows how our government has some type of control over us because without wealth you cannot really have full control.

Within a dystopia one person is fully in control of everything within the society. Unlike, within our democratic government citizens have some type of say when it comes to laws and regulations. Even though, our government is not a dystopia there is still a lot of oppression, depression and negative impacts. Our society has a strong and negative impact on us, especially through social media. Racial injustice and segregation happens when it comes to finances (lower/middle/higher class individuals), on standardized test, and when minors get declined from having the opportunity to attend a college or get a job. However, as a society we are still not equalI still believe that we have much more progress to still make.

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