Work in progress: A Self Reflection.

Throughout life one acquires multiple skills whether it be at a young age from one’s upbringing through what your family teaches you, your environment or as one grows up through one’s education within the school systems or generally through life and at times schooling is a means to hone or even discover your innate skills. And I believe one of the greatest skills I have acquired over time and I believe I am most efficient at is the ability to critically analyze a fictional literary text or even films. Whenever I read something, I tend to look for the deeper meaning behind the surface of the words and often try to draw connections with something else I might have read or watched to better understand it. Furthermore, I try to analyze a work through the historical context of when it was written to find any connections to the history and general atmosphere of that time period. In terms of visual content like films and shows, I go a step further and love to analyze the deeper nuances like the cinematography, the setting, the scene shifts and if how it holds meaning for the overall narrative being depicted.

This effective skill of analysis that I possess often goes further to implementation in real life as well, as whenever I encounter a problem in any aspect of my life, I tend to think rationally about the whole issue observing different features of that problem and then keeping those aspects in mind, I tend to find a solution or possible solutions to tackle the problem. And fortunately, it has worked in most of the situations thus far, so I would conclude that I am well equipped in pinpointing an issue, its underlying cause and how to tackle it; in short, I am a reasonable problem solver. However, if something does not work out as per plan,  I tend to learn from the situation and try to figure out as to why something did not come to fruition as intended and then take that as a learning opportunity to develop more advancement within my capabilities. In general, too, I always keep on a lookout for possible opportunities to either develop new skills or improve the ones I already have within my own capacity, so I believe I am a self-regulated learner.

I also like to articulate my thoughts and ideas about different perspectives on specific things more so in written form, although I am not sure how effective I am in doing so, rather than orally expressing them. And this is one particular thing that I want to work on: to be able to proficiently express my thoughts and ideas about stuff orally as effectively as I am able to do in written form. Moreover, I often do understand the underlying assumptions of different viewpoints and once understood, can articulate my thoughts about them but often it’s hard for me to get to the assumption on my own so I have to take help from different sources to understand why someone holds a particular opinion, viewpoint or perspective. As often said and rightly so, that life is a continuous learning process while on one hand you might have gained a certain level of dexterity on some skill, attribute or aspect of life, there are always several more that one needs to either acquire or keep working on to get a certain level of proficiency.

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