What We Doing?

This class is unlike any class I’ve taken before, from the lack of quizzes and test to the freedom of choice we really have. A few activities I think we could introduce to enhance the learning experience could be more group discussions and more connections to real life. Whenever we found real world connections, it was much easier to see how impactful the works of literature we read and movies we watched really were.

While the class has a lot of pros, the only main con I have would be the self assessment quizzes. I honestly don’t understand their purpose or how they add to our learning experience. Instead of the quiz, we could replace it with a reflection of something new or interesting we learned that week. If we used a reflection, then we could further think about what we have discussed which would be benefiting our learning.

Overall, everything else in the class such as watching movies, discussions and group work should all continue. I also enjoy the creative project of a podcast, which allows to try something new and express our opinions.

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