What Happened to Monday Post Podcast

With the continuation of the semester I feel my critical analysis skills have gotten much better. As this class has sharpened my skills in critical analysis with weekly blog posts and annotations so have many of my other ones. Being a history major and a prelaw minor most of my classes for my junior year especially this semester has been geared toward critically analyzing things from historical events to the constitution. However, my ability to critically analyze fictional texts and films isn’t as strong as nonfiction this course and our podcast assignment in particular definitely helped to strengthen them to what they have now become. With having to analyze historical events my contemporary analysis skills have grown much in the past semester and greatly over my entire college career. Being able to dissect events and literature into different pieces is key to this skill and this course has made me strengthen it.

            When writing the podcast script, it made it kind of hard to verbalize my thoughts, but it also helped me to make them clear and concise by writing them down. Writing my thoughts down also helped me be able to see areas that needed better explanation and flow and helped me to better organize my thoughts and make it more coherent to listeners. It was at first awkward trying to type how I would speak but after some run throughs and critique it came together.

            In addition to school teaching how to use logic to understand and reason. Life and age and maturity also help those skills as well. Combining the knowledge, you get from school with the experience you go through in your day to day helps deductive reasoning and analysis skills sharpen. The podcast assignment definitely helped to make better use of technology to solve problems ethically and efficiently. The move to complete online classes however is what probably built this skill the most throughout this course and this semester.

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