Welcome to the Annual Purge!

The Purge is a dystopian society set in America 2022 where unemployment is at 1% and crime is at an all time low. America has achieved this by incorporating an annual purge for 12 hours once a year. During these 12 hours the government promotes citizens to commit crimes without fear of repercussions from the police and/or the government. All crimes are legal on this night however most people choose killing as their crime of choice to settle petty squabbles. Ironically the only restrictions on the night are that government officials who are rank 10 are immune and protected from the purge. Anyone who violates the rules of The Purge would be publicly executed by hanging.

The purge was created by a fascist ultranationalist political party called The New Founding Fathers who used the purge to end poverty and lower crime rates. In my opinion purging is not an efficient way to handle crime and poverty issues. I honestly do not think that people in the real world would abide by the rules of the purge.On the other hand however as far as dystopias go I do think its kind of realistic. Like our society today, The Purge’s dystopian society is a society heavily influenced by class and wealth. Class plays a big role in the creation of the purge because the government created it they knew that only people of the upperclass or wealthy status could afford proper means to protect themselves and adjust to what they throws at them.

While the impoverished live in fear during the purge the wealthy throw parties and hangout with their families. In the movie purging efficiently improves the unemployment rate only because the wealthy are convinced that it’s their right to purge and kill all the homeless or impoverished people who are seen as nothing more than waste of space. A certain level of entitlement is seen when the main antagonists of the movie constantly state that it’s their right to kill the “homeless swine” and how they were pissed that the homeless man had the audacity to right back and kill one of them. The protagonists also show a certain amount of entitlement due to their wealthy status. When the wife heard gunshots in her wealthy community she was concerned stating “Things like that aren’t suppose to happen in our neighborhood.” A person who is impoverished in this society will not have the luxury of living in a community that’s normally deemed safe. This dystopian society is a society where the government is immune, the wealthy are protected, and the poor be damned and left at their mercy.

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