Podcast Pre Production

In past group projects, I feel as if group members should get a fair share of the work split among them; however. I am not afraid to do a little more if someone does not desire to do a certain part. Additionally, I believe that my ability to work in a group is very efficient because I am able to both give advice on what to focus on and also am able to take constructive criticism about my opinions as well. I believe that because this is a group project, everyone should have a say about what should be added or removed from the discussion in order to make things more interesting for the audience. Also, working in a group is better than working alone because you are able to incorporate different perspectives on certain situations because people come from different backgrounds. Overall, I feel very confident and comfortable working with a group and am ready to tackle this podcast project!

In past experiences, I have used PowerPoint presentations and video presentations in order to communicate with a larger audience. For example, in the summer after my freshman year, I gave a presentation in front of the Chemistry department about my research I did on lithium ion batteries and presented it through a PowerPoint presentation. I also have done video presentations online for classes such as Sociology. Overall, I feel that I am very capable of using technology to present or discuss ideas about a dystopia in the form of a podcast by just having a conversation with my fellow group mates.

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