Socialism is Least Dystopian

A form of government that would be least dystopian is socialism. Socialism is a system that encourages cooperation rather than competition among citizens. The advantages of a socialistic system is that citizens communally own the means of production and each person is guaranteed access to basic goods and services according to their needs and abilities. In order to maintain balance, a centralized government would oversee and manage all economic distribution. This form of government would provide greater social welfare, promote environment protection, enable universal health care, and minimize poverty levels within social classes and ranks. Socialism’s more equal and cooperative system would increase social cohesion and prevent inequities or disparities among citizens. There would also be a decrease in any competition, distrust, and glory between individuals due to globalization and political centralization. Based on public benefits, socialism’s goal of common wealth reduces disparities in wealth while the government makes better use of the economic income by only partaking in necessary resources and labors. 

The United States is a mixed economy which exhibits characteristics of both capitalism and socialism. This embraces economic freedom, but also allows for government intervention for the public good. However, capitalism is based on free market mechanisms where the means of production are owned by private individuals. Although capitalism promotes consumer choice and economic growth, this system is inherently exploitative by increasing wealth disparities, inequalities, market failure, and damages to the environment. Thus, capitalism creates a more dystopian society where individuals are oppressed as opposed to a socialistic system. According to Forbes magazine, some of the happiest countries in the world such as Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, and Canada are socialist. These socialist, governed countries have demonstrated high rates of happiness and overall well-being. Thus, socialism is least dystopian due to increased individual satisfaction with work, child care, and health. 

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