Podcast Production Update

My podcast team and I are currently in the process of deciding which medium we are going to use to film the podcast audio. Today we met over zoom to discuss the general outline of the podcast and assigned parts for each member to be responsible for creating a script. During this meeting, we were able to narrow the ideas down for our contemporary analogue for the movie Snowpiercer by connecting it to Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and NASA’s fascination with the space race due to the planet’s deterioration. Although we have not decided whether or not we wanted to utilize audio clips or sound effects, we are considering using Zoom to record the podcast. We plan to record the audio and afterwards, edit in any necessary sounds, musics, or images. The team will most likely utilize free audio sounds from Apple’s iMovie or websites such as Openverse or Freesound. 

After watching the “Ask Me Anything about Intellectual Property” and the “Podcast Audio Clips and Episode Notes” videos, I learned many new and important things about the proper usage of certain music, sounds, and audio clips. I understand that not everything we see on the internet is free to use because we never know if the content was stolen or requires permission to utilize. Sometimes people harmlessly use another creator’s work to post a review or give praise to the work, however, without proper credit to the original creator, this can be seen as stealing someone else’s work for profit. This can lead to expensive lawsuits and situations that nobody wants to deal with. Thus, when creating our podcast, I will make sure that we will adhere to the public domain, fair use, and copy right infringement laws when including any samples from the movie or references from another source. 

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