Podcast Post-Production Update

Before this podcast, I was a bit nervous about working on a group project because I prefer independent assignments where I solely rely on myself for completing the work. I can be a perfectionist at times when it comes to small details and organizing materials in a certain way that helps me focus my thoughts. I’m also more on the introverted side, so I was a bit skeptical about being placed in a group with people I was not familiar with. However, when it comes to my grade being on the line, I tend to put my personal feelings aside and take charge in group assignments. This is a downside about working in group assignments because I try to communicate with my team members frequently and sometimes that can seem as though I’m being too forward or pushy and not allowing others to put forth their own ideas. 

In terms of using technology to communicate with large audiences, I’m somewhat familiar with using media platforms such as Youtube, Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. I’ve created videos such as class introductions for other courses using iMovie before. I am also familiar with converting and exporting medias to different files such as pdf, png, word, jpeg, etc. I acquired most of this knowledge overtime through trials and error and from years of school due to the advancement of technology where coursework is completed online or virtually. The pandemic definitely played a major factor in this because many of my quizzes and assignments had to be submitted in a format that professors specifically required. Overall, this aided my ability to utilize Zoom and record the podcast project with my team members efficiently. 

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