Group Projects Can Be A Nightmare

Team assignments or group projects is something I’ve always been on the edge about. For the most part, I’m not a big fan of working in a group because I dislike procrastinating and tend to want a certain amount of work completed ahead of time. This means that I tend to work on things privately without consulting input from other group members at times. I can also be a perfectionist when it comes to minor details and become controlling over the work. Although it can come off as annoying or trying to be an overachiever, I just enjoy putting forth work that is demonstrative of my character and skills. Thus, my habits and standards can get in the way of working cooperatively with others. However, I believe group assignments are all about team work, communication, and equal participation. I look forward to learning, sharing, and listening to different ideas from others. I have had good experiences and bad experiences, but overall my comfort in working in a group is probably a 7/10.

In terms of my technological abilities to communicate with large audiences, I have not had much experience with this area. An example I can think of is when I had to create an ePortfolio for my XCORE New Orleans Innovation Bootcamp course. In this ePortfolio, I showcased my work throughout the semester on data mining, the cyber attack 2019, and documentation of the COVID-19 cases beginning in March 2020. I have also created powerpoint slides, short video clips, flyers, and brochures in the past. I am familiar with utilizing media platforms such as Google docs, Google drive, YouTube, and iMovies. Overall, I am not a tech-savvy person, but I am open to learning new things and being able to apply my knowledge to create a project that is inclusive of different ideas and perspectives.

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