Downfalls of Mass Education

The American higher educational system has progressed in many ways into a dystopia. An example is demonstrated by mass education where overcrowded classrooms provide little attention to the learning and improvement of individual success. To prevent overcrowding in universities, limitations are placed upon the number of available spots in a course. This often creates competition and inequalities among students during the registration period where having a certain grade classification can be an advantage. These inequalities are present when students manipulate the system by holding classes for one another. Mass education also focuses upon memorization and scoring above average on exams. This form of learning does not promote independent thought or creative expression of knowledge. Mass education also tends to define a person’s capabilities and intelligence by a single number which is the result of glamorizing grade point averages. 

Another example of how the American higher education system has become a dystopia is the fact that approximately half of the students who attend college will graduate and the majority of those students will go into a career different than their field of study. This is the result of a broken education system because education is not progressing as quickly as the rest of the world.  With the commercialization and competitive marking of higher education, individuals are expected to attain a number of degrees to be eligible for a desired salary range. However, the cost of living and resource expenses has gradually increased while pay wages have stayed the same. Thus, individuals are forced to work multiple jobs in order to stay afloat or even pay back student debts. As a result, this creates shortages in professions such as nursing or teachers due to lack of potential educators, high turnover, and inequitable workforce distribution. The standstill, American higher education has cultivated oppression through mass education and the ever-growing tuition costs, ultimately leaving individuals dissatisfied with their position in life. 

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