State Of US privacy

fter watching the interview with Edward Snowden, write a blog post in which you critique Snowden’s claims about the state of privacy in the United States today. Be specific in your analysis and support your claims.

Edward Snowden shares a very interesting detail on the state of privacy in the US. He starts off talking about COVID and how the government tracks everybody using their phones. I agree with him because I remember watching Gabby Petito’s case and they were tracking her every moves from her phones and her vlogs. He also mentions Apple and Google and I’m sure make money off of what we search day to day and sell it to third parties and that’s how we see ads from the things we searched once or talked about once pop up everywhere we see. Mass surveillance has two sides, it good in the way to keep track of people who may be infected with a ramping virus but the downside is that on a worldwide scale it is not useful. I agree with Snowden with everything he said because it made a lot of sense. After 9/11, the government has been trying to prevent another catastrophic event like it from happening again. Even if we the mainstream companies stop spying on the people, with all the technology there are bound to be hackers who stalk people too. I remember seeing on social media where there was this one hacker who was obsessed with this family to the point where he would call the mother on the phone every day and interact with them through the security cameras. Like how Ring lets you talk through your devices, the stalker was also talking to the daughter every day in the living room. It got to the point where the hacker was able to lock all of the family assets and was constantly harassing them and they could not do anything.

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