Higher Education is not a dystopia

The reason why I believe that higher education is not a dystopia is simple. You can do whatever you want and still be successful without a college or graduate degree. I could say for example the story of Bill Gates who created Microsoft. He was a college dropout and worked in his garage on his hobbies and today he is one of the richest people in the world. Steve Job did the same, in his interview on how he became successful. He said that we went to college with a designated major, but he did not like the system with how you have to take all the classes and pass in order to get a degree. He said those classes are pointless because it was just wasting time, so he just attended class he was interested in and soon after dropped out. He went into his garage and built Apple from nothing. You may say there were geniuses from the start so it doesn’t count, they woulda made it eventually. How about the people who are high school dropout that makes millions from doing the things that are good at? One example is Khang.wtm from tiktok. He popped up on my “For You Page” and his story is interesting. He does wholesale real estate is teaching people how to follow his ways, but he never finished high school. He eventually went back to get a GED. Overall, American education can be seen as a dystopia because statically has shown that people who do not go to college are stuck with low-paying blue-collar jobs. Your level of education does not define your limits so higher education is not a dystopia.

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